Product Authentication

More and more product developers are using RFID technology to ensure that only their genuine products are used. For example, a printer manufacturer wants to ensure that only their ink cartridges are used, or a drinks manufacturer wants to ensure only their brands of drinks appear in their vending machines.

Security & Tracking

Access control is the obvious example of RFID being used for security whether it’s to gain entrance to a building or through a turnstile with your Oyster card to get onto the London underground. Security covers many applications such as the containment and disposal of hazardous waste to the tracking of people and products such as patients and equipment in hospitals.

Assistive Technology

RFID technology is helping people in many ways, from supplying information such as arrival times at bus stops, to fridges informing you particular foods are running-low or are past their use-by date. Assistive technology is a term often associated with helping those with disabilities. We are in contact with well-known organisations, exploring how RFID and our solutions can help people with special needs.

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